83: Rascals (6.07)

Synopsis: For the first time since Wesley left, some kids get to save the Enterprise.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Of course, they save it from aliens who have the intellectual capacity of children.

Review:  Picard who was born in France, has a very, very heavy British accent when he’s turned back into a boy.  Awesome.  Anyway, I felt whoever was in charge of casting did a bang-up job (grabbing Picard’s nephew from Family was kind of an obvious choice).  While the kid who plays Picard isn’t perfect, trying to match the world-class acting of Stewart is a very tall order.  “I believe you’re in my chair” is delivered perfectly, as is “and be Wesley Crusher’s roommate?”  Also, the “I want to see my father” speech gets me every time**.  The girls who play Guinan and Ro also nail their performances.  I really believe these are the younger versions of these characters.  Keiko’s not as good as the others, but O’Brien’s scene with her and Molly is spot on as well.  Sadly, this is the last time we see him on the Enterprise; he doesn’t get a farewell episode.

We’ve had two episodes so far where characters get super old then revert back to normal, so I’m cool with one that does the opposite, no matter how scientifically impossible it may be.  I mean, the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, so the fact that the characters retain their personalities 100% rings false.

Of course, the Ferengi taking over the Enterprise, even with the help of Klingon Birds of Prey, is probably a little much to swallow.  At least it sets up a good scene where Riker uses fake technobabble to confuse them.

A lot of people hate this episode.  I don’t think it’s great by any means, but for me it’s solidly average.

**I’m sure my brother would like everyone to know that he role-played this scene once and severely hurt his neck while doing so.



3 thoughts on “83: Rascals (6.07)

  1. I was thinking about this one with the Ro stuff from the other day. I was surprised it hadn’t been listed yet, because I know a lot of people hate it. But I agree entirely – well cast, fairly well acted, fun. Not on the “greatest hits” list, but solid album material.

    • Ro was in eight total episodes. The first one to make an appearance on the countdown was last week, and she’s been in three of the past four. She’ll also star in the one scheduled for tomorrow. Bizarre coincidence.

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