85: Thine Own Self (7.16)

Synopsis:  Data loses his memory and cures cancer, yet Troi is the best part of the episode.

Memory Alpha Summary:  This above all: if you run out of new ideas, stop at season six.

Review:  This episode borrows themes from Who Watches the Watchers and The Ensigns of Command, and again both of those were better.  There is simply nothing new here that goes on with Data and the villagers, other than the fact the he can’t remember who he is.  And, pardon me, but the nearest river is two days away?  It seems this planet is sparsely populated.  Nobody has even BEEN to the mountains before.  Yet they build their town that far away from a water source.  Bah.  At least there are some cool visuals, with Data losing his face and getting impaled by a rod.

I do, however, like Plot B on the Enterprise, with Troi trying to get promoted to commander.  It’s a great episode for her character.  It’s a shame it took until Chain of Command for her character to start acting like a professional who’s on the senior staff.

Also, I have to admit Riker and Troi’s conversation using his trombone was adorable.

We are half-way through!  Tomorrow begins the top half of the countdown.


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