87: Bloodlines (7.22)

Synopsis: Picard becomes the last of the eleventy crew who unexpectedly meets a family member in season seven.

Memory Alpha Summary:  Darth Vader, eat your heart out

Review:  This episode is a bit better than Suddenly Human (mostly because there’s no screaming), but it could have been so much more.  I’m not sure bringing back Bok was the best idea for the fourth to last episode, as his character was and is still is one-dimensional.  At least this time around, the chief engineer and the android get to solve the crime without wonder boy Wesley around to glance at some readouts.

Troi is appropriate with a client who comes on to her, but I’m half-surprised she didn’t go to Beverly to gush over him and ask permission to go spelunking.

For the final time, we have a situation where we’re told that we can transport someone over to somewhere, but “I don’t see how we’ll get you back.”  No exposition.  No technobabble.  Maybe transporting is like tight jeans.

Stewart, as usual, gives an excellent performance, showing himself to be quite vulnerable with his son.  There’s a couple of touching moments.  I just wish the writers hadn’t copped out with “Guess he’s not his son!” at the end.  Granted, they weren’t exactly going to need to discuss Picard’s fatherhood in future seasons, but I think it would have made for a nice bookend with the first episode where Picard confides in Riker that he’s terrible with kids and needs guidance.


3 thoughts on “87: Bloodlines (7.22)

  1. I was always sad that it wasn’t his real son too. Seemed like that could have worked, since he was an independent enough guy that even if they were going on, they wouldn’t really need to worry about it.

      • I think if the guy was his real son, this episode is higher on the list. It helps make Picard less of an island and brings a nice symmetry to his character (by which I mean to agree with your point about bookending help with kids thing).

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