90: Evolution (3.01)

Synopsis: Who’s got two thumbs and doesn’t give a damn about nanites?

Memory Alpha Summary: Bob Kelso, minus the muffins

Review: We finally have a Federation scientist (Ken Jenkins) who, while obsessive, isn’t completely mad.  The scene where he grovels to the nanites is wonderful, and a more accurate reflection of what a Gene Roddenberry character might do.

Unfortunately, this episode doesn’t go very deep despite a lot of emotional dialogue.  Wesley yells at his mother for being gone which I truly enjoyed (although in reality, Wesley was the one who decided to leave his mother, not the other way around), but the whole plot about him trying to grow like a normal teenage boy isn’t fully realized.

We also discover that baseball was banned mid 21st  century for being too slow.  Thankfully, I’ll be reaching the end of my life when that happens.


One thought on “90: Evolution (3.01)

  1. I somehow missed this one when you put it on. I always liked this one, mostly because I love Ken Jenkins, but also because of that baseball discussion at the end.

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