95. Business As Usual (5.18)

Synopsis: Quark’s cousin Gaila offers him a job as a weapons dealer.

Memory Alpha SummaryThat can’t possibly go wrong

Review: A shockingly decent Quark episode, though as usual they’re not terribly subtle with the moral dilemma Quark has to wrestle with.

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96. Distant Voices (3.18)

Synopsis: After an alien assault leaves Bashir unconscious, he is trapped inside his mind.

Memory Alpha SummaryAt least it’s a genetically enhanced mind! Wait, am I not supposed to know that yet?

Review: A rather intriguing premise from the get-go, but soons gets bogged down in endless psychobabble.

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97. Soldiers of the Empire (5.21)

Synopsis: After Worf becomes first officer of a Klingon Bird-of-Prey commanded by General Martok, he is caught between loyalty to his commander and loyalty to the crew.

Memory Alpha SummaryWorf torn between two decisions? Glad to finally see it.

Review: Bashir is an asshole, jesus. The way he treats Martok is condescending and culturally demeaning. 

This reminds me quite a bit of A Matter of Honor, with Worf replacing Riker as the first officer. In some ways it’s more ambitious as the Klingons on the ship are diverse. The writers also do their best to explain how the Klingon system of murdering one’s captain is only a last resort and otherwise their system is quite functional. 

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98. The Abandoned

Synopsis: Quark finds an abandoned Jem’Hadar child, and Odo is the only person who can control him.

Memory Alpha SummaryWell, as much as one can without Ketracel-White

Review: A show more interesting than satisfying, as we learn more about the Jem’Hadar and why the Dominion has them at their bidding. I like that Odo was unsuccessful in rehabilitating the boy, as it further showed how much power the Dominion has over its subjects, and because rehabilitating someone is not exactly realistic in just a couple of days.  

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100. Strange Bedfellows (7.19)

Synopsis: The Dominion and the Breen negotiate an alliance; Ezri and Worf are sentenced to death.

Memory Alpha SummaryHonestly, these bedfellows all seem kind of obvious

Review: I take back what I said about Kai Winn from ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Dukat just admits everything to her and she only resists for a hot minute before turning to the dark side like a caricature.  Her speech as the episode closes nears that of a Bond-villain and I’m less excited now about her comeuppance.  

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102. The Ship (5.02)

Synopsis: Sisko fights to keep the wreckage of a crashed Jem’Hadar fighter.

Memory Alpha Summary…because!

Review: A somewhat entertaining but ultimately dissatisfying episode involving Sisko and Co. trying to salvage a Jem-Haddar ship. There’s just so much bad writing here. For starters, four senior officers, including the captain of the freaking space station, are on a remote planet in the Gamma Quadrant for…wait for it…mining exploration. What the hell?  I was waiting for them to say what they were mining for would be used as a defense against the Dominion or something, but nope. Just mining. And sending the captain to do it. 

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103. House of Quark (3.03)

Synopsis: After Quark lies about killing a Klingon in his bar, the dead man’s widow abducts Quark to the Klingon homeworld to marry him.

Memory Alpha SummarySitcom plot!

Review: A Klingon episode and a Ferengi episode? I shudder just writing that sentence. But consider me surprised that I didn’t hate this episode, and it’s all because of Armin Shimmerman.

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104. ‘Til Death Do Us Part (7.18)

Synopsis: Sisko agonizes over his vision from the Prophets, telling him not to marry Kasidy; Kai Winn receives a vision foretelling a “guide” who will help her restore Bajor; Ezri and Worf are interrogated by the Breen.

Memory Alpha SummaryThey love me, they love me not

Review: Picks up a little bit after Penumbra, but not much. 

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