17. Protect Banon

While FF6 wasn’t the first RPG to have temporary playable characters, it was the first that changed my perspective on the potential of the genre. When you meet Banon, not only is he someone the protagonists look up to, he is essential to their success.



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19. Go Your Own Pace

I had played many RPGs before Final Fantasy VI, and one thing never changed; everything was leisurely. You did not play an RPG if you wanted action or speed. And hey, if it took you a good hour or two to accomplish a task, that was all part of the satisfying grinding needed to advance.


That only took my whole weekend!


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Final Fantasy VI: Top 20 Moments

Nibbishment and I are teaming up again, this time to countdown the best moments from one of our mutually favorite games of all time. While I’m pretty persistent about calling it Final Fantasy VI, my fond memories are associated with the above cover art.

I named Final Fantasy VI the second best RPG I’ve ever played. Starting Monday, we’ll be doing the play-by-play as to why.