13. The Cardinals Have Knocked The Vikings…

Game: Vikings @ Cardinals
Date: December 28, 2003
Announcer: Paul Allen

As I mentioned yesterday, despite the 6-0 start, I was not caring about the Vikings in 2003. So when they needed to fend off the lowly Cardinals to make the playoffs in the season’s final weeks I was pretty much rooting for a loss. This is the only moment on the list that wound up being something bad for a Minnesota team. Dare I say it’s the best call ever at the end of a Minnesota loss.

In fact, this moment is so famous that it was immortalized in Tecmo Super Bowl.


15. A.J. Goes Yard

Game: Twins @ Oakland, ALDS Game 5
Date: October 6, 2002
Announcer: Jon Miller

I was just about to graduate from college and would be moving into my first apartment three months later. I was at my Dad’s house at the time and we watched this game together.

I honestly had not been paying close attention to the Twins going into 2001, and without the minor league info we get today on the internet, I had no clue there were budding stars in the making. So when I looked at the standings in April, I was dumbfounded. I began listening to every game on the radio and got hooked on the Twins all over again. Despite falling back late that year, I was geared up for 2002. For the entire month of April, I managed to score every single game while also doing homework. The first game of the season, with Jacque Jones leading off the year with a homer on the way to the Twins edging the Tigers in a slugfest, ensured I’d be hooked.

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16. Joe Mauer Gets Horizontal

Game: Twins v. Yankees
Date: May 17, 2009
Announcer: Michael Kay

During the Gardenhire years, the Yankees absolutely beat up on the Twins. In fact, in those 13 years, the Twins never once had a winning record against them. And, of course, every time they faced the Yankees in the playoffs they just rolled over and died. 2009 was no exception, as the Twins didn’t win a single game against the Bronx Bombers, going 0-7 during the regular season and 0-3 in the playoffs.

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Minnesota Sports: Top 16 Calls

I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life and have followed our sports teams pretty closely. I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of Twins game and I’ve been a pretty regular fan of the Wild. I can’t see myself watching football anymore, but for a while there I watched closely. And while generally I would prefer to watch most sports without any commentary at all, every once in a while an announcer can elevate what I’m already seeing. And, of course, some radio personalities knock it out of the park as well. For the next few weeks I’ll relive some moments that still give me chills to this day.

Note on the Timberwolves and other Minnesota Sports: While I’ve never been a big basketball fan, my favorite announcer of all-time might be Kevin Harlan. Unfortunately, there’s a dearth on the internet of any calls Harlan made while he was with the home team. And I’ve never really been into college sports, so if there’s a great call out there, I’m sure I missed it.

Original Theme Song: 2, 1

2. Dallas

Composer: Jerrold Immel

I have never watched one second of Dallas. I don’t even remember who shot J.R. But man oh man had I been about 13 years old when this show debut and heard this theme song, there is zero chance I wouldn’t have watched it.

1. WKRP in Cincinnati

Composer: Tom Wells and Hugh Wilson

Artist: Steve Carlisle

I think I just love songs about radio stations. I also really dig WOLD by Harry Chapin.

So what original theme songs did I miss?

Original Theme Songs: 4, 3

4. Deep Space Nine

Composer: Dennis McCarthy

The Star Trek themes with the captain voiceovers are more famous, but give me a simple orchestra any time.

3. Hill Street Blues

Composer: Mike Post

The fifth and final theme song by Mike Post (in this countdown) is easily his best. It hit #10 on the Billboard Hot 100, which is crazy considering there’s no lyrics.

Original Theme Songs: 6, 5

6. Duck Tales

Composer: Mark Mueller

Artist: Jeff Pescetto

Not surprisingly, the same guy also wrote the theme to Rescue Rangers. I don’t know what it is about this theme I love so much. It doesn’t blow you out of the water with powerful vocals, witty lyrics, or a grand orchestra. I think it just puts me in a really good mood with all the energy and crescendos.

5. Welcome Back Kotter

Composer: John Sebastian

Artist: John Sebastian

I do like me some Lovin’ Spoonful, so it’s not surprising I love this theme. More than his voice, though, I appreciate how the song encapsulates the theme of the show without mentioning any character names. It’s definitely high on cheese, but so is the show. Up your  nose with a rubber hose! Indeed.

For what it’s worth, this song reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 in 1976.

Original Theme Songs: 8, 7

8. Firefly

Composer: Joss Whedon

Artist: Sonny Rhodes

Did you know Whedon wrote the theme song? If not, now you do. DeathByTroggles: The More You Know.

At first the theme song seems inappropriate for a sci-fi show as “The Ballad of Serenity” is country-western. But then you watch the show, and yup, it fits right in.

7. Big Bang Theory

Composer: Barenaked Ladies

Artist: Barenaked Ladies

There’s a pretty regular joke that this show has been #1 for years and nobody knows anybody who admits to watching it. Well, I’ve seen quite a bit of it (in syndication, while doing other stuff). It’s pretty terrible. The first few episodes showed some promise, but it quickly devolved into the same bad jokes and catchphrases week in and week out.

What is still awesome if the theme song. And here’s an example of the extended version being even awesomer. I’m a huge Barenaked Ladies fan, and this song is very professionally done.